You’re on the streets of New York City and you’ve walked onto Madison Avenue - the birthplace of the modern advertising agency, the Mecca of creativity and innovation. Now imagine the Garden of Eden - the center of new beginnings, it has that brand new car smell. The intersection of creativity and new starts, that’s at the core of Madison + Eden.

We’re an agency founded on the principles of creativity and purpose. We have a history of helping organizations pursue their goals and turn small ideas into success stories. Gone are the days of insincerity and one-size-fits-all “solutions” that you’ve been force fed in the past. We listen, observe, and create. You get the attention.


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Founder & President

Justin has spent his career in sales, government, and marketing for small organizations and political campaigns. He specializes in getting to the heart of brand stories, digital marketing, and building successful multi-channel marketing strategies.

Justin founded Cincy Drag Brunch, an organization with a mission to raise more than $1 million by the end of 2027 for Cincinnati-based LGBTQ+ organizations. A Miami University graduate, Justin is also a member of the Ohio Association of Commodores and Lighthouse Youth & Family Services’ Young Professionals Committee.

In his freetime, you’ll find Justin playing pickleball or creating craft cocktails of his own…gin preferred.


Founder & Creative Director

Josh has worked in both the public and private sector over 13 years. He’s known for his creative story-telling, ideation, and getting the job done. Josh works to understand the story, find creative ways to intertwine it, and share it with the world. He finds unique approaches and has a reputation for digging deep to find real creativity that benefits his partnerships.

Josh has been recognized for his work as a young national African-American leader ‘40 under 40’ and is involved with several nonprofits in Cincinnati. His advocacy work spans 18 years to give back to his community through Word of Life.

In the meantime, you can find Josh singing and playing trumpet at undisclosed locations around Cincinnati.

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