Whether you’re a new brand or looking for a brand refresh, we’re here to join you in your journey. Together, we can build a powerhouse brand that meets your goals in a creative, fun, and practical way.

Digital Advertising

Wake up! Digital is no longer the “way of the future” it’s the present - the NOW. We’ll leverage cutting-edge resources to effectively communicate your message to your audience with precision and impact.

Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofits have an array of low cost (or even free!) marketing tools at their disposal. We have extensive experience in starting and growing nonprofits. We apply creative tactics to achieve your goals. No matter the cause, we are ready to be your guide, help you grow, and tell your story. Let’s change the world together.

Paid Marketing

Where should our marketing budget go? How often should we advertise through a specific channel? What is too much? What is too little? We have the solutions for your paid marketing efforts that have the greatest impact. We will work with you on a paid marketing plan that works for you, including media like television, radio, digital, direct mail, print media, email marketing, and more!

Social Media Strategy & Management

Engagement with your target audience is critical. Let us guide you through your social media content strategy and management, including ongoing monitoring. We will leverage the power of social media to build loyalty and grow your brand.

Marketing Strategy

Actionable strategies win. We’re here to win with you. By entering our MAD DEN, we work out a strategy that rivals wartime plans. This is war, it’s time to have a strategy that gets you to where you’re going with ease and surpasses your competition - a roadmap at the intersection of Madison and Eden.

Search Engine Optimization

It is critical that your website is properly optimized and relevant to your organization. We will develop your SEO strategy and deploy robust SEO best practices to drive unpaid traffic to your website.

Creative Services

Think outside the box. Cut through the noise. At Madison + Eden we pride ourselves on creative solutions to the most difficult marketing challenges. Join us in the MAD DEN where no idea is too wild, crazy, or off limits. It’s about true creative results that go beyond the average, afterall average never produces success.

Outsourced Marketing Department

Hiring and managing employees can eat away at precious resources. We will alleviate your burden to act as your outsourced marketing department and oversee all aspects of your organization’s marketing and advertising efforts. From planning to management, we will embed our team with yours to ensure your success.

Public Relations

Whether you need a spokesperson, earned media strategy, published content, or are facing a challenge within your organization that calls for crisis communications, we are well-equipped to guide your organization to success. We have a reputation with media outlets - at all levels - to keep you relevant and hot.


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